9th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses

Postponed to late 2021
Cali, Colombia

Events in the last years have shown that we remain vulnerable to sudden outbreaks of previously unknown or forgotten zoonotic pathogens as well as to contamination of the food chain. There is a significantly raised awareness that zoonoses and transboundary diseases threaten both human and animal health. Therefore, research and policy must focus on a “One Health” perspective in local, national, and international environments.

To properly address these issues, the conference plans to have special workshops which will be organized by experts in their fields. Potential topics might include:

  • The ecology of emerging zoonotic and transboundary diseases.
  • The role of wildlife in emerging zoonoses and transboundary diseases.
  • Cross-species transmission of zoonotic and transboundary pathogens.
  • Emerging and neglected influenza viruses.
  • Hemorrhagic fever viruses.
  • Emerging and transboundary bacterial diseases.
  • Outbreak responses to zoonotic and transboundary diseases.
  • Food-borne zoonotic diseases.
  • Prion diseases.
  • Modeling and prediction of emergence of zoonoses and transboundary diseases.

For more information and to register, please visit the conference website.