Soulsby Travelling Fellowships

Closing date: 31 January 2024

The Soulsby Foundation for One Health is opening the window for applications for 2024 Soulsby Traveling Fellowships on 1st November 2023. To be eligible, an applicant will be:

  • An early career researcher (late PhD or early post-doc).
  • Have a project which will help to launch their career in One Health.
  • Be a potential future leader in One Health.

Applicants will understand the interplay between animal, human and environmental health in line with the OHHLEP definition of One Health. They may be medical or veterinary professionals. But they may equally be professionals in other relevant fields including ecology, social sciences, economics, etc.

The key is that applicants want to use their expertise to promote the One Health concept, and they have a project in mind which will achieve this but requires additional funding to enable them to travel and expand their horizons.