Postdoctoral scientist at Zoetis, Michigan, US

Closing date: unspecified

Vacancy details

A post-doctoral position within Global Biologicals Research will support projects focused on development of veterinary vaccines using molecular techniques. The candidate will exhibit strong evidence of technical proficiency, delivering on goals, and high performance in the VMRD group, specifically working on biologicals for ruminant species. The position will utilize molecular, bioinformatics & genomics tools to create and characterize live and recombinant animal viruses as vaccine candidates. A major focus will include development of modified live, vectored or recombinant vaccines through creation of molecular tools and genetic systems for manipulation and characterization of vaccine candidates. The Post-Doctoral Scientist will also work with a variety of mammalian and insect cell lines using recombinant vector expression systems for assessment and characterization of vaccine antigens. Additional interactions could be application of gene editing technology to introduce attenuation phenotype or modify cell lines for improved virus yields or other desirable properties for manufacturing.