Theme 1: Vaccines for Zoonotic Diseases

‘VALIDATE Network’ Prof Paul Kaye (The University of York)

‘More effective vaccination strategies for Rift Valley fever in livestock in East Africa’ Dr. John Gachohi (Washington State University Global Health Program – Kenya)

‘Brucellosis and the BactiVac Network’ Dr. John McGiven (APHA)

‘Vaccine needs for zoonotic diseases in humans and animals’ Dr. Baptiste Dungu (MCI Sante Animale)

Theme 2: Veterinary Vaccine Production in Africa

‘The Production of Good Quality Veterinary Vaccines In Africa: Challenges And Prospects’ Dr. Nick Nwankpa (AU PANVAC)

‘The use of next generation adjuvants in animal health’ Dr. Caryn Fenner (Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines)

‘Strategic Role of KEVEVAPI in disease control in Kenya and neighbouring countries’ Dr. Jane Wachira (KEVEVAPI)

‘Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Southern Africa: Current and future prospects in FMDV- SAT vaccinology’ Dr. George Matlho (Botswana Vaccine Institute)

‘GALVmed’ Dr. Jeremy Salt (GALVmed)

‘Global Vaccine Security - why it matters – with specific reference to FMD and re-thinking on vaccine supply for emergencies and to meet surge in demands’ Dr. Keith Sumption (EuFMD Secretariat, Food-and Agriculture)

Theme 3: Synthetic Biology in Vaccine Development

‘Think Globally: Vaccine development using synthetic genomics’ Dr. Lauren Oldfield (J. Craig Venter Institute)

‘How could the power of the emerging area of Synthetic Biology be harnessed to enable veterinary vaccine development?’ Prof Susan Rosser (University of Edinburgh)

Theme 4: Livestock Vaccines Here & Now

‘STAR IDAZ IRC - Global Coordination of Animal Health’ Dr. Sadhana Sharma (BBSRC)

‘Vaccine Production: Experiences of a Start-up’ Dr. Brian Bigirwa (Brentec Vaccines)

‘The Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund at IDRC’ Dr. Victor Mbao (Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund)

‘PPR Global Eradication Programme: contributing to food security, poverty alleviation and resilience’ Dr. Bouna Diop (FAO)

‘The Brucellosis Vaccine Prize: an incentive for innovation in Animal Health’ Prof Brian Perry (Afrique One Aspire)

‘Livestock vaccination as a driver to achieve the Sustainability Development Goals’ Prof Guy Palmer (Washington State University)