Equality and inclusivity statement

The International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN) is committed to providing a fair and equal environment in which all those working for the advancement of veterinary vaccines can contribute without discrimination regardless of gender, geography, physical capability or socio-economic background. 

We seek to promote the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion through our organisational policies, practices and behaviours. This includes all meetings, events, scholarships and other funding opportunities. We aim to provide a platform for members of all backgrounds to share their voice and encourage greater participation from underrepresented groups in all aspects of the IVVN’s activities.


Membership is open to all individuals who have an interest in participating in the work leading to enhanced provision of veterinary vaccines for livestock and zoonotic diseases in LMICs (low-and-middle income countries).

Equality and inclusivity goals

The IVVN has a mandate to encourage participation by all sections of its membership. We aim to achieve gender, regional and discipline representation across all events. Our ambition is to have equal representation of both men and women from LMIC and non-LMIC participants (25% non-LMIC women, 25% non-LMIC men, 25% LMIC women and 25% LMIC men) in pump-priming applications, laboratory exchanges, and attendance at both workshops and conferences (as chairs, speakers and delegates) as well as on the Network Management Board. The statistics of these parameters will be assessed on a frequent basis, presented at the annual IVVN conference and made available on request.

Events and meetings

To help enable attendance for all at IVVN events we will on request provide assistance in facilitating child care to enable parents to attend meetings, make available facilities for parents/carers, provide a dedicated prayer room, ensure accessibility to those with restricted mobility and endeavour to meet any specific requirements that delegates may have.

If you have any questions relating to this policy, please contact Dr Carly Hamilton by emailing IVVN [at] roslin [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk.