Annual Conference 2020

 Vaccines for Poultry, Vaccines for Aquaculture, Vaccines for Ruminants and Vaccines for Swine, at the Melia Hotel.

The IVVN’s third annual conference, originally scheduled for March 2020 in Hanoi, Vietnam, was unfortunately cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With much of our activities moving online, we decided to host the conference programme as a series of online symposia. You can find out more about these online sessions here.

The rest of this page shows the original plans for the conference.

The International Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference 2020, hosted in partnership with Cirad and the National Institute of Veterinary Research, will be held at the Meliá hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam.

This three-day event will build on the success of the inaugural IVVN conference in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2018 and the UK & International Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference in London, UK in January 2019. IVVN annual conferences are an excellent opportunity for the global veterinary vaccinology community to meet, and establish novel, international collaborations that are required to develop vaccines for livestock and zoonotic diseases of importance in low-and-middle income countries (LMICs).

The IVVN Conference will consist of four species-specific themes:

  • Vaccines for Poultry: co-hosted by One Health Poultry Hub and chaired by Professor Fiona Tomley (Royal Veterinary College, UK) and Professor Hualan Chen (Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China)
  • Vaccines for Aquaculture: chaired by Professor Sandra Adams (University of Stirling, UK) and Dr Thao Ngo (Biotechnology Centre of Ho-chi Min City, Vietnam)
  • Vaccines for Ruminants: chaired by Professor Bryan Charleston (The Pirbright Institute, UK) and Dr Yanmin Li (Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, China) 
  • Vaccines for Swine: chaired by Dr Simon Graham (The Pirbright Institute, UK) and Dr Filip Claes (Emergency Center for Transboundary Animal Diseases, Thailand)

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr Nguyen Duc Hoang (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)
  • Dr Carolina Tafalla (Animal Health Research Centre (CISA-INIA), Spain)
  • Mr Lee Yeng Sheng (MSD Animal Health, Singapore)
  • Dr Vivek Kapur (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Professor Wanzhong Jia (Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, China)
  • Professor Jacques Godfroid (University of Tromsø, Norway)
  • Dr Yu Qiu (OIE South-East Asia and China Foot-and-Mouth Disease Campaign, Thailand)
  • Professor Hualan Chen (Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China)
  • Professor Brendan Wren (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK)
  • Dr Chris Netherton (The Pirbright Institute, UK)
  • Dr Peera Jaru-Ampornpan (National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), Thailand)
  • Professor Xiangxi Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • Professor George Warimwe (KEMRI - Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya)
  • Dr Kim Thompson (Moredun Research Institute, UK)

  • Dr Nicola Stock and Jayne Quoiani (The Roslin Institute, UK)

  • Dr Glory Mbah (University of Buea, Cameroon)

Keynote Speaker: Professor Dirk Pfeiffer (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

We look forward to welcoming you to Hanoi!

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