Alejandra Capozzo


Independent Researcher
CONICET - Argentina

 I am an Independent Researcher at the Argentinean National Research Council “CONICET” since 2008, and head of the Applied Veterinary Immunology Laboratory at the National Institute of Technology (INTA) in Buenos Aires.  I coordinate research on viral diseases that affect the reproduction within the national project of Animal Health of INTA and is also the head of the Argentinean Association of Veterinary Immunology. In addition, she is the PI of numerous national and international projects, with collaborative links with Europe and Africa (and now Australia). I have been working on FMD for 25 years.

I have a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires with a postdoctoral degree in Neonatal Immunology from the University of Maryland (Baltimore, USA), working in novel vaccines for neonates in the presence of maternal immunity.  I have a residence in Immunology at the National Academy of Medicine in Buenos Aires, focused in vaccinology and diagnostics.  Previously I worked as Market Development Manager for Latin America at Prionics ; and as Head of Research and Development in Biogenesis-Bag√≥, a major FMD vaccine producer in America.

I have been professor of Immunology at the School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, of Immunochemistry and Microbiology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and Associate Professor of Genetic Engineering at the School of Medicine. I have published more than thirty research papers in international refereed journals and has directed five PhD and 6 post-graduate theses in Veterinary Science, and  I am co-author of eight books of Biology. We  developed many products that are now marketed in national and international companies. In addition, I have  an active participation in international scientific meetings and research networks. Dr. Capozzo has obtained the prestigious “INNOVAR 2015 Award" for developing innovative products in the field of applied veterinary science.

Research interests

Applied Veterinary Immunology. Production animals