George Warimwe


Associate Professor
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme and University of Oxford
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George trained as a veterinary surgeon at the University of Nairobi, Kenya and completed a PhD in the epidemiology of childhood malaria in 2010. He later joined the Jenner Institute (a partnership between University of Oxford and the Pirbright Institute) where, with support from Wellcome Trust and other funders, he initiated a One Health vaccine programme in which vaccines against Rift Valley Fever and other zoonotic disease indications, such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, are co-developed for deployment in humans and the respective animal hosts of infection. This approach has already led to a novel highly efficacious Rift Valley Fever vaccine that will soon undergo parallel evaluations in human phase I clinical trials and advanced livestock field trials in East Africa. George is currently based at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kenya where, with support from the Oak Foundation and other funders, he is developing local capacity in early stage vaccinology (including target product profiling, antigen design, formulation and pre-clinical evaluation), leading vaccine evaluations in animals and humans, and establishing a programme of work aimed at characterising the epidemiology of arboviral infections in the region.

Research interests

Vaccine Development and Viral Epidemiology

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Challenge study design Clinical trials – efficacy Clinical trials – safety Epidemiology
Host species
Camels Cattle Small ruminants Zoonoses
Stage of vaccine development
Clinical trials Correlates of protection – immunomonitoring Field trials Pre-clinical trials