Glory Enjong Mbah

Glory Enjong

Asst Lecturer and Postdoc
Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC), University of Bamenda, and Biotechnology Unit, University of Buea
gmbah21 [at]

Glory E. Mbah is a drug discovery researcher, mainly focused on the neglected tropical disease onchocerciasis. Her vision is to contribute in alleviating her local, and sub-Saharan community of this debilitating disease, through drug discovery, health education, and awareness. She hopes for a healthier more knowledgeable community, and therefore actively contributes to increase networking between communities, academia, local, and international drug companies. She also volunteers for laboratory sessions with young females (and sometimes males), to help demystify science.

In addition, she heads a group of young ladies aged 12 to 34, with their main goal to encourage as many girls as possible to get proper education.  Likewise, to gain other skills outside their main areas of work/education, and to impact their communities in the best way they can. She looks forward to inspiring a whole new generation of girls, to enable them believe in themselves, and work hard to achieve their set goals.

Research interests


Onchocerciasis (River Blindness); pre-clinical animal models, novel drug and vaccine efficacy, natural product chemistry, parasite biochemistry.



Projects you're working on

Screening novel onchocerciasis vaccine candidates in pre-clinical animal models.

Challenge model development Parasitology
Host species
Stage of vaccine development
Pre-clinical trials