Jayne Hope


The Roslin Institute

Professor Hope obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Biological Sciences (Microbiology) from the University of Birmingham in 1991, and a PhD degree from the University of Manchester in 1994. She then carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Manchester (1994-1996) and Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry (1996-1997). Between 1997 and 2011 Prof Hope was employed at the Institute for Animal Health where her research focused on research into innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in cattle specifically in relation into bovine tuberculosis. Prof Hope joined The Roslin Institute in August 2011; her research group focusses on innate immune responses to Mycoabcteria and other bovine pathogens.

Research interests

Innate immunity in ruminants, mycobacterial diseases, vaccines.