Kim Thompson


Principal Investogator
Moredun Research Institute
kim.thompson [at]

Dr Kim Thompson is a Principal Investigator at Moredun Research Institute, near Edinburgh, where she heads the Aquaculture Research Group. Prior to joining the group she was a Reader at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling. She has over 20 years of experience in fish immunology and has published over 125 publications relating to fish immunity, vaccine development, host-pathogen interactions and functional feeds and immunostimulants. She has been a partner in numerous EU (e.g. IMAQUANIM, TARGETFISH) and UK projects

Research interests

(1) Development of vaccines against viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens of fish (2) Development of antibody and molecular-based detection methods for fish pathogens (3) Examination of the immune response in different fish species and factors which influence this response (4) Host/pathogen (viral, bacterial and fungal) interactions relating to fish (5) Development of alternative therapies for disease control (e.g. functional feeds, immunostimulants, probiotics)

Bacteriology Immunology – B-cells Immunology – T-cells Immunology – innate Virology
Host species
Bacteria BacteriaAeromonas BacteriaYersinia Viruses VirusesInfectious pancreatic necrosis virus VirusesInfectious salmon anaemia virus
Stage of vaccine development
Adjuvants Antigen discovery and immunogen design Correlates of protection – immunomonitoring Vaccine delivery