Magali Valenzano


National Institute for Agricultural Technology of Argentina

My name is Magali Valenzano. In 2016 I obtained a Master in Science degree in Genetics from the University of Moron, Argentina. Currently I hold a doctoral fellowship and I am working at the Laboratory of Hemoparasites of the Biotechnology Institute, National Institute for Agricultural Technology of Argentina.

I have started working in this institute three years ago as an undergraduate student working on the final project of my MScdegree. My project was based on the generation of diagnostic tools for the ORF virus, which affects ovine cattle. I have also worked for a short term in a private company with Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine (PGM) System. At present, my Ph.D project aims at the study of Babesiosis, a tick-borne disease that affects livestock production in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. My skills include molecular and cellular biology techniques. 

Last year I attended to three postgraduate courses related to bioinformatics and bovine immunity.

 With regard to language skills, I have an upper-intermediate qualification of English (First Certificate in English, Cambridge University) and nowadays I am attending to an advanced English course.

Research interests

The purpose of my PhD project is to predict T-cell epitopes of the intracellular parasite Babesia bovis by immunoinformatic and immunoproteomic strategies. This epitopes can then be used for the racional design of new vaccines against Babesia bovis, an intracellular parasite that causes great economic losses in Argentina.