Matthew Edmans


Postdoctoral researcher
University of Oxford Peter Medawar Institute for Pathogen Research

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Peter Medawar Building for pathogen research studying the response to SARS-CoV-2  infection in people on immunomodulating medications. I am also working on a project developing new Coronavirus vaccines.

I studied cell and molecular biology at Oxford Brookes University, graduating with First class honours in 2013. Following my undergraduate studies, I worked at the University of Oxford as a research assistant. My first post was with Prof Richard Cornell working with mouse models to understand B cell development and autoimmunity. I later spent two years working for Prof Sarah Gilbert on a clinical trial of a viral vectored (ChAdOx) T cell targeting influenza vaccine.

From 2016-2020 I carried out my DPhil studies supervised by Prof Paul Klenerman at the University of Oxford and Dr Elma Tchilian at the Pirbright Institute. My research focused on identifying and characterising Mucosal associated invariant T cells in non-human species and studying conventional cellular immune responses to influenza in pigs. I defended my thesis, titled “Mucosal T cell defence in large animal models of infection”, in November 2020.

Research interests

Human and veterinary immunology and vaccinology. I am interested in the role of  MAIT cells and other innate-like T cells have in disease and vaccine response. I have a particular interest in the “One health” aspects of my work—understanding how animal and human immunology relate to one another and how this can translate to vaccine response.

Immunology – B-cells Immunology – T-cells Immunology – innate Molecular biology
Host species
Cattle Pigs Zoonoses
Bacteria BacteriaMycobacteria bovis Viruses VirusesCoronavirus VirusesInfluenza virus VirusesRespiratory syncytial virus
Stage of vaccine development
Antigen discovery and immunogen design Correlates of protection – immunomonitoring Pre-clinical trials