Musa Hassan



Dr Musa Hassan obtained a BSc and MSc in Biochemistry and Chemistry from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and a PhD on the immunogenetics of responses to Telardosagia circumcincta, a gastrointestinal nematode, in sheep from University College Dublin, Ireland. He was then awarded a Wellcome Trust postdoctoral fellowship to investigate the molecular basis that underpin murine responses to Toxoplasma gondii at the interface of Molecular and Computational Biology at MIT and the University of Glasgow. In 2017 he took up a Chancellor's Fellowship (Tenure Track) at Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK, where he continues to investigate host pathogen interactions, with an emphasis on Toxoplasma and other apicomplexans. 

Research interests

My lab is interested in how encounters between host and Apicomplexans can ultimately define the outcome of infection in livestock and humans. This is achieved by applying cross-disciplinary molecular and computational analysis platforms that collectively enable us to extensively profile and precisely monitor host-pathogen interactions within the context of in vitro infections.

Bioinformatics Cellular biology Molecular biology Parasitology
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