Musa Mulongo


Senior Scientist & Program Coordinator
ILRI, GALVmed, Clinglobal
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 Musa is a Senior Scientist and Program Coordinator for the Transforming Animal Health Solutions and Servicess (TAHSSL), a joint initiative of ILRI, GALVmed nd Clinglobal. Previously, Musa was a SEnior Program Specilalist with the multi-donor Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund (LVIF) at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Ottawa Canada.  In this role, he was responsible for the technical management and administration of a multi-million-dollar portfolio of cutting-edge vaccine discovery and development projects with multiple international partnerships. Musa completed two post-doctoral research fellowships focusing on livestock vaccine development and mucosal immune responses to oral vaccines in malnourished children in poor settings with high infectious disease burdens. These were undertaken at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization - International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) in Saskatchewan, Canada and the Wellcome Trust Research Program in Kilifi, Kenya, respectively. He holds a PhD in Immunology & Vaccine Development from the Royal Veterinary College of the University of London (UK) and a Master of Science also in Immunology from Kenyatta University in Kenya.

Research interests

Mucosal immunity, vaccine trials, correlates of protection, delivery of vaccines in low and middle income countries

Projects you're working on

A wide range of projects from discovery to commercialization

Bacteriology Cellular biology Challenge model development Challenge study design Clinical trials – efficacy Clinical trials – safety Immunology – B-cells Immunology – T-cells
Host species
Cattle Pigs Small ruminants Zoonoses
Bacteria ParasitesBabesia ParasitesTheileria parva Viruses VirusesAfrican swine fever virus VirusesFoot-and-mouth disease virus VirusesInfluenza virus
Stage of vaccine development
Antigen discovery and immunogen design Clinical trials Correlates of protection – immunomonitoring Pre-clinical trials Vaccine delivery