Sankar Renu


Postdoctoral Researcher
The Ohio State University

I did my doctoral research work in the broad area of nano-oncology at India. During my doctoral dissertation research, I was trained to formulate polymeric nanoparticles for effective delivery of cancer drug. Apart from my PhD research work, I developed environmental friendly and effective metal nanoparticles (Silver, copper, iron and titanium dioxide) for different biomedical applications. From my PhD and other research work, I published 12 first author, 6 co-author and 1 book chapter articles. During that time I participated in eight national workshops and learnt techniques to improve my skills in cell culture, molecular biology techniques, nanoparticle formulations and characterization. Since I joined the Food Animal Health Research Program at The Ohio State University, USA as a postdoctoral fellow, I have been working on vaccine delivery platforms for infectious and zoonotic diseases of food animals. I formulated both positive (Chitosan) and negatively charged (PLGA and polyanhydride) nanovaccine formulation’s containing inactivated Salmonella and Influenza virus antigens for testing their efficacy in poultry and swine, respectively. This work resulted in couple of publications; importantly, 2 filed non-provisional US patent applications. My presentations on nanovaccine research findings have secured three best poster awards, three travel awards, best postdoctoral fellow trainee award and a “Young Investigator Award” in national and international meetings. Further, based on my research accomplishments being nominated and was a finalist in The Ohio State University “Next Generation Innovator” of the year award-2018.

Research interests

Nanoparticles based effective vaccine delivery to zoonotic infectious diseases