Zhiqiang Shen


Shandong Binzhou Animal Science & veterinary Medicine Academy

Dr. Zhiqiang Shen is Professor and Director of Shandong Binzhou Animal Science & veterinary Medicine Academy, Binzhou, China. He completed his Ph.D. in Preventive Veterinary Medicine from China Agricultural University. His research focuses primarily on veterinary biotechnology and preventive veterinary products with aim to afford rapid detection, effective diagnosis and novel preventive & therapeutic approaches against animal epidemics and he has rich experience of vaccine development, vaccine production and vaccine marketing. He originally invented and established novel vaccine manufacturing technique with nanometer propolis as immunologic adjuvant, which made an innovative breakthrough in the domain of veterinary biological products. More than 50 categories of propolis vaccines have been produced through the platform and gave rise to significant social and economic benefits. In addition, Dr. Shen also invented more than 80 kinds of veterinary drugs and feed additives. His research has been financially supported from several sources including the China National High-tech Research and Development Program, National Science and Technology Major Project, National Programs for Science and Technology Development. He presided more than 20 scientific research projects of state, provincial and ministerial level, and was awarded one national invention third prize, four second prizes of provincial advancement of science and technology, one sparking technology second prize of Shandong province and six first prizes from civic award of advancement on science and technology and own five national certificate of new veterinary drug and 13 patents.

Research interests

Veterinary biotechnology and preventive veterinary productsï¼› rapid diagnosis methods;novel preventive & therapeutic approachesï¼›vaccine development.