‘Big Data’ Symposium - combatting infectious disease and AMR

22 April 2021

Organised by The Bloomsbury SET.

This is the final event in the Symposium series and will showcase our projects using big data and machine learning to tackle infectious diseases and AMR challenges.

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The provisional programme for the event is:

Introduction to the Bloomsbury SET programme

Dr Emma Tomlinson, Chair of The Bloomsbury SET Steering Group and Head of Research Development, RVC

Accelerating pandemic response through global data sharing

Dr Laura Merson, Associate Director, IDDO

Microbiome markers for early detection of bovine respiratory disease

Professor Luca Guardabassi, Professor in One Health AMR (UCPH) and part-time Professor of Veterinary Bacteriology (RVC)

Characterising new promising transmission-blocking antimalarials through phenotypic imaging and machine learning analysis

Dr Michael Delves, Assistant Professor of Parasitology, LSHTM

Machine learning for improved monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in companion animal practice

Dr David Brodbelt, Professor of Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine, RVC

Building automated genomics data curation and collection pipeline

Dr Jody Phelan, Assistant Professor, LSHTM

Safeguarding treatment outcomes for neglected tropical diseases

Dr Martin Walker, Lecturer in Epidemiology, RVC

Pannel discussion and audience Q&A

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For more information and to register, visit The Bloomsbury SET's website here.