Avian immunology flow cytometry workshop

3 April 2020
Radisson Blu Hotel, 80 High St, Edinburgh

The first Avian Immunology Flow Cytometry Workshop will be held by the British Society for Immunology's Comparative & Veterinary Immunology Group (CVIG). It will take place immediately after CVIG's T cell biology meeting on the afternoon of Friday 3 April 2020 in Edinburgh.

The workshop will demonstrate the progress being made in techniques of flow cytometry in the field of avian immunological research. There will be a number of expert speakers across the field of avian immunology to demonstrate current methodology used to study phenotype and function of avian immune cells. We hope to engage in a productive, highly interactive discussions concerning the successes, pitfalls and limitations to working on avian immune cells with limited reagents. These limitations are a common feature of those conducting research in comparative host species and therefore anyone interested in and/or has experience with flow cytometry are welcome. It is anticipated that the success of this workshop will lead to further workshops encompassing other animals of comparative interest in future CVIG meetings.


Registration is free for BSI members. Non-members who have not registered for CVIG's T cell biology meeting will need to pay a £10 fee. If you're a non-member who's already registered for the meeting, T [dot] Sheehan [at] immunology [dot] org (please email Tracey Sheehan) for a discount code.

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