DISCONTOOLS symposium: Filling the knowledge gaps in animal disease control

Brussels, Belgium

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this meeting is postponed until further notice.

Improving animal health is a key factor in addressing today’s global challenges. This symposium, organsied by DISCONTOOLS in collaboration with Star-Idaz IRC and hosted by AnimalhealthEurope, hopes to bring together scientists, policy makers, and representatives from the animal health industry, funding bodies and stakeholder organisations to enhance collaboration for animal health and discuss research priorities.

With DISCONTOOLS having completed the update of 47 disease chapters, the time is right to summarise the gaps in control tools, identify disease-specific as well as cross-cutting research needs and define the path towards required new control tools. The symposium aims to:

  • Highlight DISCONTOOLS animal health research gaps for epizootic, production and zoonotic animal diseases;
  • Disseminate STAR-IDAZ research road maps for new animal health solutions;
  • Couple the research gaps and road maps with recent and future animal health funding initiatives (ERA-NET Co-fund ICRAD, Horizon Europe);
  • Increase the mutual understanding of animal health research needs by different stakeholders;
  • Discuss animal health research priorities to deliver on the sustainable development goals.

For more information and to register, please visit the DISCONTOOLS website. Registration closes on 15 April 2020.