Poultry production: keeping it safe and healthy

25 Nov 2020, 09:00 to 10:00

In the fourth discussion of the One Health Poultry Hub's Roadmap series, two panellists will discuss how food safety risks differ across poultry production and marketing systems by geography. From the risk of environmental enteropathy disorder in infants in contact with scavenging chickens to campylobacter and salmonella contamination of intensively produced poultry products, there's much to debate. What are the consequences of not managing risk effectively? What risk management strategies are yielding results?

The panellists are:

The session will be moderated by Professor Robyn Alders, Director of the UKRI GCRF One Health Poultry Hub, UK.

The discussion will be hosted on Zoom. You will receive the link after registering.

A Q&A discussion will be included in the webinar. Further participation and discussion will continue on an online platform following the panel discussion.

About the Roadmap series

In many ways, the development of the poultry industry paralleled human development in the 20th century, both the good and the bad. In the 21st century, what changes are required to the poultry industry, and people’s way of being more broadly, to bring our planet back to health?

This series of panel discussions focuses on identifying and actively tackling key issues underpinning sustainable development from the perspective of one of the world’s most important industry contributors to nutrition security: the poultry industry.

Through robust exchanges between panellists and active audience engagement, we will develop a One Health Roadmap that seeks a destination where economic, social and environmental sustainability and justice are key indicators of success. We aim to weave together diverse One Health threads with the aim of identifying practical and equitable approaches to health security; food security and food systems; and justice in human, animal, and environmental health.