The What, Why, Who, Where and How of Public Engagement - Becoming an Engaged Researcher

May 2021


This course will take place online over three half-days, with self-directed and group work before and during the course, and will focus on the skills required to communicate your science to a non-specialist audience.

Engaging with non-specialist audiences is an important aspect of research and will enable you to maximise the impact of your scientific findings. It can persuade funding bodies to fund your work; contribute to policy change; encourage a community to act on a public health message; or inspire young people to pursue a career in science.

The course will be led by experts in public engagement and science communication from the University of Edinburgh and will provide an introduction to engaging non-specialist audiences of all types with your research, and an opportunity for you to build your skills in this area.


Attendees must have a good internet connection and be able to access Zoom and MS Teams.

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