Webinar: Pioneering organoids and 3D cell cultures for animal and human health

16 April 2024
About this webinar

Organoids and 3D cell cultures are a fascinating area of research, with the aim of developing in vitro systems recapitulating in vivo biological processes. Recent years have seen substantial progress, with the development of organoids for different tissues and across species. They show promise to replace and reduce animal use for research, an area with substantial societal impact. This webinar will highlight latest findings by talks from invited speakers and abstracts, covering different culture systems and species.

The webinar is organised by the BSI Comparative and Veterinary Immunology Affinity Group (CVIG), with support from The Pirbright Institute.

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Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now open, click here. The submission deadline is 23:59 GMT on Friday 15 March.


Invited speakers:

  • Dr David Smith, Moredun Research Institute
  • Dr Adithya Sridhar, Amsterdam UMC
  • Dr Kate Sutton, The Roslin Institute
  • Professor Dirk Werling, Royal Veterinary College London


10:00 | 2 hours with 30 minutes for each invited speaker and optional 10-minute talk from industry sponsor + 5 minutes questions 

12:15 | Lunch break

13:15 | 1 hour 15 minutes invited talks from abstracts

14:30 | 30 minutes panel discussion with invited speakers with online and local audience

15:00 | Meeting close


Registration is now open, click here.

This event is free for BSI members and £15 (including VAT) for non-members.

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