2024 Internships at Pirbright

Closes: 26 February 2024

The Pirbright Institute have the following 11 month internships available, commencing September 2024.  Applications are welcome from students who are currently studying a relevant undergraduate science degree with optional professional training year (this will usually be between the second and third year of the degree). The salary for the 2024 internships will be approximately £22,400 (11 months pro rata).

You may apply for one project only. Our internships require students to have an unrestricted right to work in the UK.

Avaliable Internship Opportunties

1) Ref No. 2024/01: Investigating the use of modified glycan receptors by avian influenza viruses 

2) Ref No. 2024/02: Annotation and functional characterisation of Capripoxvirus Genes

3) Ref No. 2024/03: Understanding essential host factors for FMDV replication in pigs and cows: Towards gene edited FMD resistant livestock.

4) Ref No. 2024/04: Identification of viral determinants influencing bluetongue virus infection dynamics in Culicoides biting midges

5) Ref No. 2024/05: Deciphering the mechanism of attenuation of a novel avian coronavirus vaccine candidate.

6) Ref No. 2024/06: Activation-induced markers to identify T cells associated with protection against ASFV

7) Ref No. 2024/07: Genome Engineering for Gene Function Study and Improvement of HVT Vector.

8) Ref No. 2024/08: Pathogenesis, immunity, and control of influenza viruses

How to Apply

To apply for an internship, please complete an Internship Application Form and return to studentship [at] pirbright [dot] ac [dot] uk.  Ensure you include the reference number and title of the project you are applying for.  Closing date to apply: 26.02.24 (midnight).

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