CARB-X 2018 Funding Round Two Open

05 Jun 2018

CARB-X is a non-profit public-private partnership dedicated to accelerating antibacterial research to tackle the global rising threat of drug-resistant bacteria. With more than $500 million to invest, CARB-X funds the best science from around the world. The CARB-X portfolio is the world’s largest early development pipeline of new antibiotics, vaccines, rapid diagnostics and other products to prevent and treat life-threatening bacterial infections.

CARB-X welcomes applications from around the world for funding and support for the early development of antibiotics, diagnostics, vaccines, devices and other products to combat the most serious drug-resistant bacteria in humans. Proposed projects should be directly relevant to helping vulnerable populations in low and middle income countries.

CARB-X 2018 Funding Round Two is open for applications. For more information, please click here.

Expressions of interest will be accepted from June 1st to June 8th 2018.