IVVN’s ASOP Fuels Interest in Science Among Nigerian Students

31 Oct 2023

In an effort to foster interest in science and research among young minds in Nigeria, the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN) African Schools Outreach Programme (ASOP) team hosted a training workshop on 14 October 2023, followed by outreach activities from 17-19 October 2023.

The workshop, centred around combatting Rabies, showcased the techniques employed by scientists in Nigerian Laboratories. Conducted at the Department of Zoology, University of Ibadan, the workshop brought together ten enthusiastic facilitators and participants eager to contribute to the goals of the IVVN and ASOP. The facilitators underwent extensive training, focusing on effective interaction with students and the utilisation of mobile laboratories provided by the organisation.  

Armed with insights from the training workshop, these facilitators played a crucial role in the ASOP activities which unfolded across three different secondary schools in Ibadan: The Apostolic Church Model College Sango, St. Gabriel Commercial Secondary School Sabo-Mokola, and Anglican Commercial Grammar School, Agodi-Gate. A total of 372 students engaged in hands-on experiments, and 3,000 more students were motivated towards academic excellence during the assembly sessions.  

Picture from the tree-planting activity at The Apostolic Church Model College Sango, Ibadan

The outreach programme mainly targeted junior class students, providing them with valuable insights into veterinary vaccinology and STEM careers. The interactive activities ensured that students gained practical knowledge, igniting a passion for scientific exploration. The impact of ASOP extended beyond the immediate participants, contributing to the local community's awareness of veterinary vaccinology. By reaching out to schools in Oyo State, the programme laid the foundation for future community support and understanding of the importance of combatting animal diseases. 

In addition to these activities, the initiative addressed a concerning observation - the low consumption of fruits among Nigerians. Fruit planting sessions were integrated into the programme, promoting healthy eating habits, instilling a sense of responsibility, and fostering environmental consciousness among students and staff.

This laid the groundwork for a sustainable, community-driven approach to nutrition and environmental protection, aligning with the broader goals of the IVVN and ASOP in contributing towards a healthier and more resilient society.