Post-doctoral Fellow in Poultry Genetics

Closing date: 3 July 2022

The post-holder will join a large multidisciplinary team within the One Health Poultry Hub (, linking researchers at the RVC with other UK based and overseas institutes. Funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, the Poultry Hub is working across Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to improve safe and sustainable production of poultry products and reduce the risk of zoonotic outbreaks. 

Based at the RVC, the post-holder will focus on poultry genetic, genomic and transcriptomic analysis to dissect the genomic architecture of zoonotic pathogens such as Campylobacter and Avian Influenza, and will use metagenomics and antimicrobial resistance data generated from other partners in the Poultry Hub to understand the genetics of gut microbiome and AMR in chickens. Results will complement broader host genetic, metagenomic, microbiological, epidemiological and social sciences materials to define the evolution and flow of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance factors through poultry product distribution networks in humans.

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