Postdoctoral Researcher (Viral Glycoproteins Group)

Closing date: 10 September 2020

Vacancy details

The morbilliviruses (measles, canine distemper etc.) are an important group of viral pathogens that infect humans and animals; however, the genetic factors that influence host-range and antibody-mediated immunity have not been fully characterized. This gap in our understanding could lead to vaccine failure and the emergence of morbilliviruses in new hosts (zoonoses), undermining existing control campaigns. Using state-of-the-art techniques, the successful candidate will provide a detailed understanding of how receptor usage and antibody-mediated neutralization shape the viral-host landscape and define the zoonotic emergence potential of animal viruses. This project represents an exciting opportunity to work on One Health research, and is suited to virologists, immunologists or molecular biologists with a passionate interest in medical and veterinary health, viral entry, viral ecology and/or viral evolution.  

The successful applicant will be required to manage their research project and work independently whilst liaising and collaborating with other members of the group. They will become a pivotal member of the Viral Glycoproteins team at TPI delivering excellent high-impact research in virology as well as performing key research, administrative and management duties.

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