Postdoctoral Researcher/Senior Postdoctoral Researcher (African swine fever vaccinology)

Closing date: 4 March 2021

The (Senior) Postdoctoral Scientist will be a pivotal member of the African Swine Fever Vaccinology group that is based at The Pirbright Institute. They will be responsible for delivering the scientific objectives of a research project focused on developing viral vectored African Swine Fever vaccines.

African Swine Fever virus is a high consequence transboundary viral disease of pigs that has resulted in the deaths of millions of pigs and wild boar across Europe and Asia. In order to combat this disease the post holder will study the immune response of pigs to experimental African Swine Fever vaccines and work with industry partners to apply their findings to develop better vaccines against the disease. The post would suit a scientist with an interest and expertise in immunology, particularly veterinary immunology.

Main duties and responsibility

Responsible for delivery of scientific objectives of the research project, which will include:

  • Characterising antibody and cellular immune responses to African swine fever virus proteins.
  • Identifying novel immunogenic viral proteins.
  • Assessing efficacy of novel vaccines in vivo.
  • Management of junior staff (Band E).

Responsible for preparation of oral and written reports and publications, which will include:

  • Maintaining accurate records of experiments and results.
  • Preparing presentations for internal and external audiences.
  • Preparing publications.
  • Liaising with external stakeholders (Band E).

Responsible for maintaining health and safety and biosafety standards:

  • Comply with biosafety regulations for working with SAPO4 virus in high containment laboratory.
  • Maintain health and safety standards.

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