Postdoctoral Scientist/Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

Closing date: 26 November 2020

Vacancy details

The purpose of this post is to support and extend studies carried out on zoonotic viruses at containment level 3 (CL3) in the Pirbright Institute. Within our infrastructure we have three facilities that carry out a diverse range of studies using different hosts and viruses and each has specific requirements around containment approaches. The post will carry out activities that will aim to ensure continuity across these facilities by taking a leading role in training and competency assessments of new staff, coordinating documentation across research groups and in developing and updating  infrastructure when the opportunity arises. In addition, the scientist employed will also conduct both contract and fundamental research within the CL3 facility in collaboration with our reference laboratories and manage a post aimed to support these objectives. This will ensure that the post holder remains directly involved with science activities, with an appreciation of the challenges in working at this containment level, while maintaining their skill set in this area.

The post will be managed by the Science lead of the Core Capability Grant and the Head of Influenza Viruses Group.

For more details, specific requirements and application information, please visit the job description on the Pirbright Institute's careers website.