Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Scientist (Mosquito Immunology Group)

Closing date: 2 December 2020

Working as part of the Mosquito Immunology Group, the successful candidate will conduct exciting and timely research on host cell responses to the zoonotic, mosquito-transmitted bunyavirus Rift Valley fever virus. Using a broad variety of virology, cell culture, molecular and biochemical techniques the post holder will identify and characterise signalling pathways, host and viral proteins that determine viral replication and pathogenesis in human, livestock and insect hosts. They will also take on administrative and laboratory management duties in line with their career stage.

As this is a maternity cover for the leader of the research group, the successful applicant will report to the Head of the Viral Glycoproteins Group and will thus be required to work independently and to communicate very effectively between teams.

Main duties and responsibility

Responsible for conducting research on host responses to Rift Valley fever virus infection:

  • Routine processing of samples from infection studies previously carried out by the Mosquito Immunology Group using a variety of published molecular techniques
  • Development of new assays to characterise antiviral immune responses or virus-host cell interactions such as pathway reporter assays or CRISPR-Cas9 screens (Band D)

Contributes to research group:

  • Supervision and training of students (Band D)
  • Laboratory management (ordering, sample inventories, point of contact for equipment maintenance)
  • Communicating progress and data in meetings and electronically
  • Disseminate results through writing high quality peer-reviewed manuscripts and presenting at scientific meetings (Band D)
  • Represent research group on committees, steering groups and other meetings as appropriate (Band D)
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that their work in the laboratory is conducted safely and in accordance with local health and safety policies
  • Developing and maintaining documentation associated with the health, safety and biosecurity of the research to preserve a safe working environment

This job description is only an outline of the tasks, responsibilities and outcomes required of the role. The jobholder will carry out any other duties as may be reasonably required by his/her line manager. The job description and personal specification may be reviewed on an ongoing basis in accordance with the changing needs of The Pirbright Institute.

All employees shall actively participate in the Institute-wide quality assurance system in conjunction with the Institute’s Quality Manager. Employees are also expected to safeguard their own health and safety and security by following policies and all employees are responsible for the Health and Safety and security of staff under their management.

Full details

For more information and to apply, please visit the job description on The Pirbright Institute's careers website.