Vaccine Development Scientist

Closing date: 30 April 2021

Join the team at Baseimmune ( to harness the power of our computational platform to design and create variant-proof vaccines.

You’ll be joining a team based in the labs at the South Kensington Campus of Imperial College London, leading the pre-clinical development and testing of our own vaccine pipeline. The position offers an industrial research position within an academic environment, ideal for a recent PhD graduate or post-doc that is ambitious and shares our vision of shaping the world through vaccines! You’ll be reporting directly to the founders and have the opportunity to contribute significantly to key decisions and directions within the company.

This is a lab-based post and you’ll be responsible for the pre-clinical development of our vaccine pipeline. This includes the production of vaccines at lab scale, testing in animal models, and assessing their performance using state of the art immunological approaches available within the labs at Imperial College London. This also includes explorative research to further our understanding of novel vaccines and further develop our antigen design platform. The key responsibility of the role is to design, manage, and complete research objectives and investigations to achieve set milestones.

For more details, download the job description. To apply, send a CV and one-page statement of interest to info [at] baseimmune [dot] co [dot] uk.

About the company

Baseimmune is a biotechnology start up working on data-driven methods for antigen discovery and vaccine development, founded by a team from the Jenner Institute in Oxford that’s previously developed over 15 vaccines. We use computational methods to design the next generation of future-proof vaccine antigens, preparing the world for pathogen diversity before it happens. We are a London based start-up that’s recently raised its first round of investment looking for a dynamic team to realise this vision.

Our pipeline includes the development of a number of human and veterinary candidates. In addition, we have a number of collaborations with world leading institutes such as Imperial College London and worked with companies such as Vaccitech.