New members' directory search terms

14 Apr 2020

One of the most popular features of the IVVN website is the searchable directory of all our members. By searching for other IVVN members, you can find new collaborators to work with on future projects.

We have recently updated the directory to include key search terms to make it easier for IVVN members to find potential collaborators. As well as the previous options of searching by keyword and location, you can now browse members by academic career stage, scientific discipline, and by the host species, pathogen species and vaccine development stage they work on.

How do I search the directory?

You can access the IVVN members’ directory here. You will see six search fields, and you can use as many options as necessary to search for members.

Search bar

The first box allows you to search the database by name or keyword. This works with any word that shows up in a member’s biography or research interests section.

Career stage

The career stage field allows you to view members who are group leaders, postdocs, postgraduate students or undergraduate students.

Discipline and stage of vaccine development

IVVN members work across many different scientific disciplines, from immunology and epidemiology to bioinformatics and ethics, and you can browse by any combination of these disciplines using the new search function. You can also view members by the stage of vaccine development they work on – eg field trials, antigen discovery or vaccine delivery.

Host and pathogen species

Another important way you can now filter the directory is by the species of host and pathogen/parasite members work on. You can browse members working on any host species, from pigs and poultry to wildlife, as well as zoonotic diseases. When searching for members by the pathogen they work on, you can select either the type of pathogen (viruses, bacteria and parasites) or specific pathogen.


You can also continue to search the directory using the map of members' locations. Use the map to zoom in on a particular region. If you use the search terms to filter the directory, the map will also update to reflect these results.