Research funders publish survey results giving insight on veterinary vaccinology gaps, priorities and barriers

29 Jun 2022

A survey of veterinary vaccinology researchers has highlighted the need for more collaboration with industry and investment in novel vaccine technology platforms.

UKRI-BBSRC, one of the funders of the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN), surveyed the veterinary vaccinology community in July 2021, with 122 respondents taking part. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Star-Idaz International Research Consortium on Animal Health and in consultation with other research funders and programme owners, including the IVVN.

Respondents taking part in the survey were asked to rate the importance of research and innovation gaps within different fields of veterinary vaccinology. These gaps were identified by a working group, and respondents were also given the opportunity to provide additional gaps.

The report highlighted the importance of partnering with industry as well as maintaining sustainable and open access to immunological tools and associated databases. The survey also showed a need to develop and validate new tools that will enable immunological research in the natural host and/or the best model species for animal diseases. Additional gaps identified included the need to discover and validate new adjuvants, and to incorporate tools such as bioinformatics with wet lab work to assist in veterinary vaccine research and development.

For the full survey results and conclusions, please download the full survey report.