Studentship Vacancies at the Roslin Institute

18 Dec 2017

The Roslin Institute have a number of exciting studentship vacancies that may be of interest to members of the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network: 

  • Copula ABC for Infectious Disease Models in Populations with Heterogeneous Contact Structures 
  • Characterisation of the early interactions of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in intestinal organoid cultures 
  • Evaluating the impact of knowledge brokers and science-policy communication in animal and public health policy formulation 
  • The intestinal M cell as vaccine target and porte d'entree for pathogens: a double-edged sword 
  • Directed differentiation of avian stem cells 
  • Unravelling the molecular mechanisms for East Coast Fever 
  • The influence of pathogen co-infection on the pathogenesis of African trypanosomiasis 
  • Statistical genomics applied to complex traits and evolution of dogs 
  • Investigating the neurobiology of social behaviour 
  • Welfare assessment of salmon within aquaculture 
  • MHC structure and the effect of heterozygosity in the immunodominance of bovine CD8+ T-cell responses against Theileria parva 
  • Exploring variation in bacterial genome sequence and link to pathogenicity 
  • How do sex hormones regulate the function of arteries and valves? 
  • Identifying genetic variants that promote muscle development and meat production 
  • Comparing impact on learning of different approaches to teaching anatomy 
  • Optimising networks to control multiple possible pathogens 
  • Host cell determinants of BoHV-1 pathogenesis: a genome wide analysis 
  • Engineering resistance to swine influenza 
  • Investigating of the roles of the choline-specific phosphodiesterase, ENPP6 in skeletal mineralisation and lipid metabolism 
  • The Genetics and Development of Human Hair Shape 
  • Using a food systems approach to examine the cost-effectiveness of AMR reduction targets on meat supply chains
  • Investigating the susceptibility of British deer to chronic wasting disease 
  • Early life predictors of long-life health and productivity in farm animals 
  • A cat and mouth game: Can a feline dental condition inform on how human bones weaken with age? 
  • The evolution of mutation rates in bovids and the impact of domestication 
  • Exploring Transposon-mediated Effects on Dog Bone Biology 
  • Leprosy in Wildlife: Investigating Disease Susceptibility in the Eurasian Red Squirrel 
  • Combining livestock genetics and infectious disease modelling to improve animal health 
  • Resistance of warthogs to African Swine Fever Virus 
  • Mechanisms of persistence of canine adenoviruses

For more information on each project, and to apply, please click here. Applications close on 16th January 2018.