Veterinary Immunology Toolbox Meeting

10 Oct 2017

The Veterinary Immunology Toolbox Meeting, hosted by The Pirbright Institute and the UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network, took place on the 21st and 22nd of August 2017. The meeting brought together experts in the field of veterinary immunology from the UK, Europe and the USA who share a common interest in the development of immunological tools for livestock. 

The meeting included excellent talks on various aspects of the veterinary immunological toolbox, with round table discussions and breakout sessions allowing attendees to discuss priorities moving forward. Read the full report here.

Following on from this initial meeting in August, the UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network have organised a half-day workshop on the 17th January 2018, prior to the UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference on the 18th and 19th January 2018.This workshop is free to attend, and will provide a platform to continue discussions on the development of an international veterinary immunological toolbox.

For a list of resources that may be useful to the veterinary immunology community, please click here.