Professor of Vaccinology, Guildford, UK

Closing date: 5 March 2020

Vacancy details

The University of Surrey's School of Biosciences and Medicine is looking to appoint a Professor of Vaccinology in a post underpinned by a substantial philanthropic contribution and a partnership between the university and The Pirbright Institute. The position will be within the Department of Biochemical Sciences at the school.

This position will be a part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Pirbright Livestock Antibody Hub. This hub will exploit the recent advances in our understanding of B-cell responses to better understand the protective immune response in livestock and poultry with a strong translational and one health focus. Ultimately the Hub will support rational vaccinology approaches, antibody-based treatment and prophylaxis as well as increasing the applicability of animals as models for human disease and treatment. This post represents part of the School of Biosciences and Medicine's strategic development to further cement existing close working relationships with The Pirbright Institute.

More information and details of how to apply can be found here.