A combined protocol for isolation of T6SS-positive Campylobacter jejuni and assessment of interspecies interaction

06 May 2022
Gupta S, Khan A, Biswas P, Mondal K, Das D, Sharif S and Mallick AI

The bacterial Type VI Secretion System (T6SS) functions as a nanomachine used by many gut pathogens. In the present protocol, we outlined how such molecular activities during interspecies interaction can be demonstrated at a population level. To this end, we first present a comprehensive protocol for isolation, identification, and functional characterization of T6SS-positive Campylobacter jejuni. Further, we developed straightforward techniques for unraveling how the T6SS targets prey populations and host cells when growing with or without environmental stressors. For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Gupta et al. (2021).