Assessment of Babesia bovis 6cys A and 6cys B as components of transmission blocking vaccines for babesiosis

20 Apr 2021
Alzan HF, Bastos RG, Ueti MW, Laughery JM, Rathinasamy VA, Cooke BM and Suarez CE

Babesia bovis reproduces sexually in the gut of its tick vector Rhipicephalus microplus, which involves expression of 6cys A and 6cys B proteins. Members of the widely conserved 6cys superfamily are candidates for transmission blocking vaccines (TBV), but intricacies in the immunogenicity of the 6cys proteins in the related Plasmodium parasites required the identification of transmission blocking domains in these molecules for vaccine design. Hereby, the immunogenic efficacy of recombinant (r) B. bovis 6cys A and B proteins as a TBV formulation was studied.