Comparative genomic analysis between newly sequenced Brucella abortus vaccine strain A19 and another Brucella abortus vaccine S19

01 Mar 2020
Wang S, Wang W, Sun K, Bateer H and Zhao X


Brucellosis is a bacterial disease caused by Brucella infection. Brucella abortus strain A19 is a spontaneously attenuated vaccine strain that has been used in vaccination of cattle against brucellosis. Until now, the physiological and molecular mechanisms of A19 are still unknown.


In this paper, the whole-genome sequence of B. abortus A19 was performed using Illumina Hiseq 4000 and PacBio sequencing technology and comparative genomics analysis were carried out with the whole genome sequences of B. abortus strains S19. This analysis indicated that the two vaccine strains have a high degree of similarity in genomic structure. We further analysis of the difference in genomic structure between A19 and S19. And found some differential genes such as eryC, eryD and eryF. Of the other different proteins between A19 and S19, such as outer membrane protein, 2-isopropylmalate synthase, citramalate synthase, GntR family transcriptional regulator and ABC transporters, no clear effects related to bacterial virulence were found, pending further investigation.


The data presented here provide a reasonable basis for designing Brucella vaccines that can be used in other strains.