Considerations for rapid development and licencing of conventional and platform technology veterinary vaccines

11 Mar 2022
Francis MJ

The threat posed by zoonotic diseases and other livestock pathogens has never been greater, and thus we must do all we can to learn from experience in order to tackle emerging disease threats. The process of developing a new veterinary vaccine involves the generation of a specific set of data in order to meet the strict product licencing requirements of regulatory approval bodies around the globe. As a result, it is important that those embarking on the development of a vaccine using either conventional or novel platform technologies understand these regulations. In addition, there are a number of specific requirements that one needs to take into consideration when developing a product specifically for the commercial poultry market. This paper briefly outlines the veterinary vaccine development process in general and then explores how this process can be accelerated. It also recognizes the "One Health" lessons that can be learnt from the recent rapid development of vaccines to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and acknowledges the important measures that regulatory authorities have taken in the creation of an environment to facilitate the licencing of new vaccine platform technologies.