Construction of generic roadmaps for the strategic coordination of global research into infectious diseases of animals and zoonoses

08 Sep 2020
Entrican G, Charlier J, Dalton L, Messori S, Sharma S, Taylor R and Morrow A


The Strategic Alliance for Research into Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses (STAR-IDAZ) International Research Consortium (IRC) coordinates global animal health research to accelerate delivery of disease control tools and strategies. With this vision, STAR-IDAZ IRC has constructed four generic research roadmaps for the development of candidate vaccines, diagnostic tests, therapeutics and control strategies for animal diseases. The roadmaps for vaccines, diagnostic tests and therapeutics lead towards a desired target product profile (TPP). These interactive roadmaps describe the building blocks and for each the key research questions, dependencies, challenges and possible solution routes to identify the basic research needed for translation to the TPP. The control strategies roadmap encompasses the vaccine, diagnostic tests, and therapeutic roadmaps within a wider framework focusing on the inter-dependence of multiple tools and knowledge to control diseases for the benefit of animal and human health. The roadmaps are now being completed for specific diseases and complemented by state-of-the-art information on relevant projects and publications to ensure that the necessary research gaps are addressed for selected priority diseases.