Duration of protective immunity in dheep vaccinated with a combined vaccine against peste des petits ruminants and sheep pox

16 Aug 2021
Amanova Z, Zhugunissov K, Barakbayev K, Kondybaeva Z, Sametova Z, Shayakhmetov Y, Kaissenov D, Dzhekebekov K, Zhunushov A, Abduraimov Y, Zakarya and, Bulatov Y

In this study, the ability of the combined vaccine against peste des petits ruminants (PPR) (Nigeria strain 75/1) and sheep pox (SPP) (NISKhI strain) to form a protective immune response for 12 months in Kazakh breed fine-fleeced sheep aged 6-12 months was demonstrated. The duration of the protective immunity of immunized sheep from PPR and from SPP was evaluated using a serum neutralization test (SNT), followed by testing of the resistance of vaccinated sheep to infection with the field strain Kentau-7 of the PPRV and the virulent strain A of the SPPV. The PPR antibody response was additionally measured by c-ELISA. A single immunization of sheep with a combined vaccine in a volume of 2.0 mL, containing the PPR and SPP vaccine viruses in the titers of 103.0 TCID50/mL, provided reliable protection of animals from two infections simultaneously for 12 months (observation period). At the same time, in sheep immunized with the combined vaccine, antibodies of PPRV persisted for up to 12 months, with slight fluctuations. The combined vaccine induced 100% clinical protection against the field strain of PPRV and the virulent strain of SPPV in immunized sheep for up to 12 months, while unvaccinated animals became ill with the manifestation of clinical signs specific to PPRV and SPPV.