Evaluation of a Cooperia oncophora double-domain ASP-based vaccine against Cooperia spp infections in cattle and sheep

01 Nov 2021
Suárez G, Geldhof P, Borloo J, Pérez-Caballero R, Robaina D, Buffoni L, Alonzo P, Martínez-Moreno A, Correa O, Tort J, Pérez J and Claerebout E

A double-domain activation-associated secreted protein (dd-Co-ASP) isolated from the bovine small intestinal parasite Cooperia oncophora was previously shown to be an effective vaccine candidate to protect calves against a homologous challenge infection. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the dd-Co-ASP protein, purified from a Belgian C. oncophora isolate, would offer protection against a C. oncophora isolate from the southern hemisphere as well as other Cooperia species such as C. punctata in cattle and C. curticei in sheep. Two vaccination studies were performed, i.e. one in cattle and one in sheep, in which the protective effects of dd-Co-ASP, supplemented with Quil A as an adjuvant, were compared with an adjuvant control. Whereas our results showed a 75 % reduction in Cooperia spp. cumulative faecal egg counts, the results obtained in sheep demonstrated that dd-Co-ASP was ineffective in raising a protective immune response against a C. curticei challenge infection. Even though sequence analysis of the dd-Co-ASP gene revealed restricted sequence heterogeneity in the double domain ASP within and between bovine Cooperia species, the results of the vaccine study suggest that there is sufficient conservation at the protein level to yield cross-protection, holding promise for the development of a general Cooperia vaccine for use in cattle.