Immune response in dairy cattle against combined foot and mouth disease and haemorrhagic septicemia vaccine under field conditions

05 May 2021
Muenthaisong A, Rittipornlertrak A, Nambooppha B, Tankaew P, Varinrak T, Pumpuang M, Muangthai K, Atthikanyaphak K, Singhla T, Pringproa K, Punyapornwithaya V, Sawada T and Sthitmatee N

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and haemorrhagic septicemia (HS) are two important diseases that are known to have caused significant economic losses to the cattle industry. Accordingly, vaccinations have been recognized as an efficient method to control and prevent both of the above-mentioned diseases. This study aimed to determine the immune response to FMD virus antigens and the recombinant outer membrane protein of HS (rOmpH) of Pasteurella multocida in cattle administered as a combination vaccine and compare antibody titers with the two vaccines given independently, under field conditions. Dairy cattle were divided into three groups. Each group was immunized with different vaccine types according to the vaccination program employed in this study. Antibody responses were determined by indirect ELISA, liquid phase blocking ELISA (LPB-ELISA) and viral neutralization test (VNT). Furthermore, the cellular immune responses were measured by lymphocyte proliferation assay (LPA).