Inactivated infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) vaccine and E.coli-expressed recombinant IPNV-VP2 subunit vaccine afford protection against IPNV challenge in rainbow trout.

01 Aug 2021
Tamer C, Cavunt A, Durmaz Y, Ozan E, Kadi H, Kalayci G, Ozkan B, Isidan H, Albayrak H
Infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN) is a highly contagious disease causing high mortality in juvenile trouts. Since there is no effective way to treatment against IPNV, early diagnosis and prevention play an important role in combating the disease. The different types of IPNV vaccines (inactive, live, recombinant, DNA, etc) have been produced from local isolates and have been used in developed countries. In Turkey, there is no commercial licensed vaccines against IPNV. Due to this reason, IPNV vaccine is needed in Turkey. The production of recombinant VP2 subunit vaccine (IPNV-VP2) and inactivated whole particle virus vaccine (IPNV-WPV) were attempted from selected isolate belong to sp serotype. For this purpose; the virus was produced in RTG-2 cell line and RT-PCR amplification was performed by using primers with restriction enzymes. The whole VP2 gene was cloned into a plasmid vector and VP2 was expressed by using E. coli expression system. A trial was conducted to determine the immunity ability of IPNV-VP2 and IPNV-WPV in rainbow trout. According to the SN50 assay, the IPNV-WPV stimulates immune response faster than the IPNV-VP2 vaccine. Besides, the relative percent of Survive (RPS) was detected as 79% in fish vaccinated with IPNV-WPV and 70% in fish vaccinated with IPNV-VP2. Thus, we can say that the recombinant vaccine of IPNV-VP2 is almost protected against IPNV infection as well as the inactive vaccine.