Integrating the technical, risk management and economic implications of animal disease control to advise policy change: the example of foot-and-mouth disease control in Uruguay

14 Oct 2020
Perry B, Rich KM, Rojas H, Romero J, Adamson D, Bervejillo JE, Fernandez F, Pereira A, PĂ©rez L, Reich F, Sarno R, Vitale E, Stanham F and Rushton J

Countries contemplating a change in their animal disease control policy face a variety of considerations, particularly in circumstances in which disease status, and the use (or not) of vaccines to control or minimise disease risk, has major implications for international trade. Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) exemplifies these trade-offs, and is particularly important in South America, where FMD virus circulation has declined and appears limited to certain regions. As a result, opportunities for higher-value exports in sustainably produced pasture-fed beef and lamb are growing.

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