Potential druggable proteins and chimeric vaccine construct prioritization against Brucella melitensis from species core genome data

01 Mar 2020
Aslam M, Shehroz M, Hizbullah, Shah M, Khan MA, Afridi SG and Khan A

The Brucella melitensis chronic infection and drug resistance emerged as a severe health problem in humans and domestic cattle. The pathogens fast genome sequences availability fetched the possibility to address novel therapeutics targets in a rationale way. We acquired the core genes set from 56 B. melitensis publically available complete genome sequences. A stringent bioinformatics layout of comparative genomics and reverse vaccinology was followed to identify potential druggable proteins and multi-epitope vaccine constructs from core genes. The 23 proteins were shortlisted as novel druggable targets based on their role in pathogen-specific metabolic pathways, non-homologous to human and human gut microbiome proteins and their druggability potential. Furthermore, potential chimeric vaccine constructs were generated from lead T and B-cell overlapped epitopes in combination with immune enhancer adjuvants and linkers sequences. The molecular docking and MD simulation analyses ensured stable molecular interaction of a finally prioritized vaccine construct with human immune cells receptors.