Protective immunity induced by an Eimeria tenella whole sporozoite vaccine elicits specific B-cell antigens

09 May 2021
Juárez-Estrada MA, Gayosso-Vázquez A, Tellez-Isaias G and Alonso-Morales RA

This study investigated protection against Eimeria tenella following the vaccination of chicks with 5.3 × 106 E. tenella whole-sporozoites emulsified in the nanoparticle adjuvant IMS 1313 N VG Montanide™ (EtSz-IMS1313). One-day-old specific pathogen-free (SPF) chicks were subcutaneously injected in the neck with EtSz-IMS1313 on the 1st and 10th days of age. Acquired immunity was assayed through a challenge with 3 × 104 homologous sporulated oocysts at 21 days of age. The anticoccidial index (ACI) calculated for every group showed the effectiveness of EtSz-IMS1313 as a vaccine with an ACI of 186; the mock-injected control showed an ACI of 18 and the unimmunized, challenged control showed an ACI of -28. In a comparison assay, antibodies from rabbits and SPF birds immunized with EtSz-IMS1313 recognized almost the same polypeptides in the blotting of E. tenella sporozoites and merozoites. However, rabbit antisera showed the clearest recognition pattern. Polypeptides of 120, 105, 94, 70, 38, and 19 kDa from both E. tenella life cycle stages were the most strongly recognized by both animal species. The E. tenella zoite-specific IgG antibodies from the rabbits demonstrated the feasibility for successful B cell antigen identification.