Safety and efficacy profile of live, intermediate plus vaccine against infectious bursal disease based on strain G6

28 Jan 2021
Huić Babić K, Ljuma Skupnjak L, Zorman Rojs O, Halas M and Vrdoljak A


Infectious bursal disease (IBD) is an acute, highly contagious, immunosuppressive disease of young chickens that causes considerable economic loss in the poultry industry worldwide. Vaccination with live attenuated vaccines is still the most important method used for the control and prevention of IBD in chickens. Here we present the results of characterization, as well as efficacy and safety testing of a live, intermediate plus vaccine against IBD based on strain G6. Strain characterization confirmed that G6 strain is an intermediate plus strain, showing a high degree of homology with the existing vaccine strains of the same virulence. Safety studies showed that chickens can be vaccinated from 10 days of age. Onset and duration of immunity in specific pathogen free and maternally derived antibodies (MDA) chickens was proven to be 14 and 35 days after vaccination, respectively. When immunizing MDA-positive chickens, vaccine is capable of breakthrough at a titer of ≤500 ELISA units. The field trial conducted on commercial broilers showed a 95% protection against vvIBDV challenge. Stability of the freeze-dried vaccine after reconstitution was confirmed over a period of 3 h. Overall, IBD G6 vaccine has shown good safety and efficacy profile in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia requirements.